Sustainability Manager – Plantation Business

Our client is a plantation business and currently hiring Sustainability Manager in Central Indonesia with job descriptions and requirements below:

Job Descriptions

  1. In general, implementing sustainability projects for plantations, including planning, budgeting, resource management, implementation and evaluation of project work results
  2. Cooperate with all stakeholders, both internal users, suppliers, consultants, local governments (if needed). Conduct active communication both in meetings or in reports, both official and informal.
  3. Ensure the project is successful, where the results of the plantation are productive, sustainable, produce the best quality products according to the expected standards, and reduce waste from all plantation production.
  4. Perform human resource management, including the recruitment process, development and performance evaluation. Ensuring that every talent employed provides optimal work results.
  5. Responsible for project finance, starting with a good budgeting process, oversight of project expenses and project financial reporting.

Job Requirements

  1. Have at least 5 years experience in sustainability projects in plantations
  2. Have good project management competence (if there is project management certification it will be better).
  3. Have good communication skills, both in verbal and in reporting. Can connect with local and international stakeholders

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Subject: Sustainability Manager

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